Thursday, June 1, 2017

~getting our outdoor kitchen ready for summer bbq's~

Sorry if you saw this post before with no text.  I woke up this morning to check the post and all the text was gone. So here goes try number 2!

Welcome to our outdoor "kitchen"
I say that in quotation marks because there is no running water out here besides a hose, but there is electricity, a fireplace, a mini fridge, a tv, a bbq, a smoker, and a big old couch!

I've been trying to get ready for bbq/entertaining season in the yard.
We spend a lot of time out here for family dinners as well as entertaining friends, and just watching tv in the shade on super hot days.

We used to have bar stools up here but we have found that people really just like to stand, so out the went, and I really like the look better.

A couple concrete pots with plants I am trying to rescue :)
DIY for the concrete spheres here.

These striped pillows are new, you can find them here, and they are on sale!

I also added a few solid black ones, which are also on sale here.

We got this furniture a couple years ago and it still looks like brand new.
I am so happy with it, I'd recommend it to anyone.
If you'd like to read my first post about it when we first got it and decorated for a Fourth Of July party, go here!

We even use this spot on chilly evenings with the addition of blankets, outdoor heaters, and the fireplace.

I get a lot of questions about having a tv outdoors.
They do make televisions made for this purpose, but this is a regular flat screen tv.
It has been out here for a couple years with no problems, even in the Seattle weather.
It is covered though so it is protected in that regard.

Cody has been spreading bark and getting the yard looking decent.

Now, please join my friends and their outdoor spaces!
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Petie said...

What kind of wood did you use around the bbq space?

Melaine said...

We ripped down a bunch of old scaffolding planks!

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