Wednesday, June 21, 2017

~how to make a farm table on the cheap~

More graduation party posts!

We needed a BIG table for our party so we wracked our brains and tried to think of the cheapest way possible to make a 17' table.

What we came up with may not be super high end or fancy, but it's cute and it'll do the trick and worked for us in a pinch.

We staggered scaffolding boards on sawhorses, and screwed them in for 
extra stability.
Any wood would work for this but scaffolding planks work extra well because they are meant to span long lengths and still be really stable.

I have yet to even clean them, but I am already loving the writing on them.

We only had 2 wood sawhorses, so we ended up having to use these plastic ones. See, I told you, not fancy, but that's ok! You could probably cover them with burlap or linen or another kind of fabric, but in our case, the chairs cover them pretty well and I am not too picky.

I picked up a bunch of chairs on the cheap at thrift shops and painted them. 
I mostly used Annie Sloan greys.
I am having a flea market the following weekend so I figure I can just sell all this after the party!

Excited to show you bits and pieces of the party, but I cannot wait until it all comes together and I can show you it all!



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