Monday, July 24, 2017

~deck demo~

 As us girls are vacationing, the boys are at home ripping out our deck and installing a new one.
HUGE project and I cannot wait to come home to see it done.
{crossing my fingers it will be!}
The two areas below the deck will soon be waterproof which will be a huge blessing. I love and crave extra storage of any kind.

 Our wood deck is only about 10 years old, but is rotting and not safe anymore.
For long term use, we chose to go with a concrete base and a cable/metal railing system.
We do not want to have to go out there when we are 60+ and have to replace cotton wood again.

The configuration will be a bit different.
The hot tub will be moving to the other end of the deck to free up the area outside our living room, for a sectional or other piece of large furniture.
{email me if you would like to collaborate on this!}

We are also contemplating putting in radiant heat, but are looking into the cost of that now.
We might possibly just heat the path that leads from the driveway up to the door.

I will update pictures as soon as I get them!

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