Monday, July 3, 2017

~my life in photos~

Just some random photos around the house, out and about, and works in progress!
First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who came out to my flea market.
It is always so nice meeting new friends. Everyone was so friendly and I want to thank you all for taking the time out of your day to come say hi and support me. It means the world!

My daughter has a new boyfriend and she came home with these a few days ago.
I promptly took the and put them on the dining table.
I am sure that is what he had in mind for them {yeah right!}

When you live in our neighborhood there is several committees to choose to be on. Whether it be party planning committees, water report committees, tree farm members, etc.
My husband is the president of our neighborhood so his job pretty much falls into every category. 
I helped him on this project of placing and creating a pathway out of these fish pavers at our community lodge.

Everyone in the neighborhood has a chance to create one with the wording of their choice.
When my sister passed away, we were given one in her remembrance. So we put our family next to her.
My father in law is in the photo below, Mr. Phil Thompson.

More flea market photos. I think everything in this picture sold minus the plate and the smallest silver bud vase.

The sunsets at the lake this summer have been breathtaking.

My mother in law who lives down the street from us is moving after 50 years here.
She's been giving the kids stuff right and left, so I put my name on this concrete pot.
It is now on my deck and I feel so special to have it!

Once year our lake gets stocked with trout.
A truck backs down to the water and fish shoot out of plastic tubes and into the lake.
It's a fun activity for the kids and adults, as we all have to help them get off and swimming.

Our white lab Oakley keeps getting out of his invisible fence so we had a trainer here to re-train him.
She brought her own dog to try and lure ours off the property {as part of the training}
And you know I just about died when I saw her dog was a 5 month old chocolate lab puppy!
Look at that face!
We've been talking about getting one and after this, my husband is convinced we need a chocolate lab in our lives.

And finally, Things around the yard are starting to bloom, and it's full of color which means it's summer!
This year everything I am planting seems to be various shades of purples. I am loving the mix with all the white and blue I already have.

There you have it!
How do you spend your summers?



PamMacC said...

I love the fish pavers! Where did you get them?

Cindy in Oklahoma said...

I love the fish pavers, too. Nothing compares to meaningful design..

Melaine said...

A local company. I think it's called sandblasting nw? I didn't order them but I think that's what I heard!

Gina said...

I like these life posts so much! Thanks for sharing!

PamMacC said...

I found them. The company is called Artistic Sandblasting NW. Go to and click on the thumbnail to view the full size photo. Your fish are in this picture!

Unknown said...

Ohhh It's beautiful so joyful and enjoyable.

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spanish to english said...

This is amazing!

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