Wednesday, August 16, 2017

~neutral rug favorites~

Rugs are such a hard thing, for me at least, to pull the plug on.
Especially when buying them online.
But I have bought several neutral rugs online that I love, so I thought I'd share those with you, plus a few more that I have my eyes on!

I have a few of these, they are gorgeous. They are great layered on top of other rugs, or even used as a table cover as I did here!
{think outside the box!}

I also just got this rug for our living room.
I will be sharing a photo soon!

I am still searching high and low for a good rug for our dining room, it's been tough!
Here are some contenders.
This rug could be kind of fun.

This one looks like it would be comfy underfoot:

I could play it safe and go with this one:

I have also had my eye on this one for a while and I see it is now on sale.

If you had to choose from these for my dining space, which one would it be?
Or, none, and go to plan B?



Cindy in Oklahoma said...

I really like that last one... oh, who am I kidding? I like all of them!

Feathers said...

Interesting choices--The pattern of the first will echo the shapes of the tiles on your floor, plus the black of the pattern will continue the black of the picture frames. I like it as I see it in my mind.

My second choice would be the third, which as you commented is "safe", and would not attract attention.

I do like a nice rug under a table, kind of holds the whole room together visually, and feels good under foot.

Linda said...

I think there is enough pattern on the floor and would choose the "safe" one. I think it would look perfect.

a random jem said...

I would definitely choose the first one. It is very fun, as you mentioned, and I think would pull everything together nicely. I think it would bring another element to the room that would "play" very well with the others without competing for attention ;)

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