Wednesday, August 9, 2017

~what I would add or subtract from this space~

My mother in law, as I have mentioned before, lives in Mexico most of the year in a darling condo overlooking the ocean.

She's in the mood to spruce things up a bit, so she sent me this photo and asked for my help.

So here is what I am suggesting.
I love the love seat and chair. The rattan adds the perfect amount of texture and the cream is a good neutral.
I think punching up the love seat and chair with some more colorful pillows would look great. The ones on there now are fine, but they are kind of scratchy, so I would get rid of those altogether or use them on the patio.
I love the different tones in the glass balls on the coffee table. I want to see more of those colors in the room.

I would add 3 of these sailor blue pillows with down inserts, 2 on the love seat and one on the chair.

Then on the love seat I would add a lumbar pillow in the middle.

I love this one:

I would do a different arrangement on the coffee table as well. 
I would gather everything in a large rectangular tray for starters.
Something dark to tie in the wicker of the furniture frames.
I think the glass balls would look great either floating in the tray with a gorgeous candle in the center.

And I'd add a stack of a few fun books for a pop of color, something to do with being in a tropical place.

I think filling up the bottom shelf of the coffee table with stacks of hardcover books is a great idea!

For the side table I'd opt for a lighter brighter lamp with a drum shade.

I like the height of this one.

And a linen shade or something with texture:

She could do a small flower arrangement on this table as well, or just simply add some coasters.

And finally, I would do a nice simple gallery wall with just a few pieces above the love seat, positioned lower than the piece that is there now.

I love the blues in this piece. 

And the colors in this! They all tie into the glass balls!

And a horizontal piece to finish it out.

I'd maybe add in one or two smaller pieces depending how it looks once up on the wall.

The other side of the love seat, not shown in this photo, I would add a big basket with a huge tall tropical plant in it!

And even though she didn't ask, I would paint those walls white! 

There's my 2 cents, I hope she likes it!


Anonymous said...

This space really needs an area rug as well!

Dianne said...

All the ideas you suggested sound great! Please show us an updated photo when she implements all or some of your ideas!

Kai Jones said...

Great ideas!
Looking forward to the updated photos! Keep us posted.

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I like handmade items. Thank you for teaching. Hope i will do it

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