Thursday, September 7, 2017

~our dining room~{after the one room challenge}

Not too long ago I made over our dining room for the One Room Challenge.
3 short months later and I couldn't help but feel like something was off. I still haven't found a perfect rug to go under the table, and I couldn't help but feeling like maybe the space needed a different shaped table?

Here is a reminder of the before, and the after of the One Room Challenge:

You know when you just can tell that something isn't right but you don't know what it is? 
It's always good in this position to get an outsiders point of view, so that is exactly what I did.
I turned to Modsy, a fairly new company that lets you visualize new furniture in your space before you buy it!
I am such a visual person, this is exactly what I needed. 
The process was  fairly quick and very easy.
I sent them over dimensions of my room, told them what pieces I wanted to stay, and what could go. Gave them a approximate budget and voila.
There was a couple of back and forth emails which I really appreciated, just to get a better sense of my design style.

What they came up with is my dream dining room!
Are you ready to see the renderings they emailed to me?

Drumroll please......

Is that not the coolest concept ever?
I love the idea of the round dining table, and I have had these chairs on my wish list forever! 

Here are the products they are suggesting I use:

{on a side note, through 9/11, save 20% off frames on all framed art prints using the code FRAMEART20}

I am so excited to get started!!!
Don't you think this looks so much better?
If you are struggling with your space, and are a visual person like myself, I highly recommend Modsy,  
for making all your decorating dreams come true.
P.S. check out some of their before and afters at the link above, truly amazing!

If you decide to go with Modsy on making your rooms or room over, they are offering My Sweet Savannah readers 20% off the design package with code 




Taste of France said...

The round table complements the space perfectly.
And nothing is better than arms on dining chairs. Great for comfort, which encourages lingering.

Melaine said...

I agree! Thanks for your comment!

jodi said...

Love the round table and those chairs but will you have enough seating??

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be very honest and say that I liked your dining room better with the black cabinet. I do like the round table, but I much prefer your cottage style to the more modern direction you seem headed. That is not an insult at all - just saying what I think looks good in your home. Your house seems more suited to the cottage style. Just like I miss your old lamps in your living room! LOL Your home is always one of my favorites, I guess there are some things I like better than others. Of course, same way in my own home!!


Mary said...

You just motivated me to do something about my dining space. I bought a new table & chairs & I'm stuck on how to finish the room.
Thanks for the suggestion to use Modsy.

Anonymous said...

Round it is! I wish I'd realized this about $1500 ago myself. - Cindy in Oklahoma

Melaine said...


Melaine said...

I appreciate the honestly! I as well LOVED that black cabinet and still do. But it is so much brighter and open and airy now! Seeing it in pictures is one thing, but living in it is another. Xoxo

Melaine said...

Awesome! You'll love working with them!

Melaine said...

Isn't she a beauty?!

Tyson Harold said...


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