Thursday, October 12, 2017

-how to host a college care package party-

I have been having so much fun sending Savannah care packages at college, even though it's only been a month since she left.
This past week I hosted a "care package party" at our house with some friends of mine who's daughters are also in college and friends of Savannah's.

It was so fun, such a hit, and a great excuse to get together with friends, and catch up over wine, cheese, and crackers.

Here is how to host your own care package party:

1~  Set the mood with decor. You don't have to go all out, but decorate for the current season.
We were putting together Halloween themed care packages, so I added a few simple Halloween decorations to our dining room.
I didn't change things up too much. 
I added a few fake spiders to the sideboard, and left my concrete pumpkins.

2~  Have a little something to nibble on and non alcoholic beverages and wine is also nice.
I served champagne, wine, and perrier water.

I whipped up a simple charcuterie board and that was it.

3~  Have packaging supplies handy.
Boxes, tissue paper, ribbon, scissors, and tape.
One of the moms even brought pre-printed shipping labels which was super cute.

4~  As far as guests go, it's entirely up to you.
I had 3 guests which meant 4 care packages were going out. 
Each person, including myself, bought 4 Halloween themed gifts ahead of time and brought them the night of the party. I will say, everyone went a little overboard and we had about 3 or 4 gifts per person instead.

Here are some fun Halloween ideas if you would like to throw one of these together:

Happy Halloween banners
Mini pumpkins
"To do" notepads
Orange trident gum
Treat bags filled with Halloween candy
Homemade cookies
Dollar store Halloween items such as the plastic hands below
Black and white striped socks
Fuzzy socks
Fake eyelashes
Pumpkin handsoap/hand sanitizer

5~  While you are visiting with each other you can be putting together the boxes and drumming up ideas for the next get together, which for us will be Valentines Day.

If you have perishables in the box, make sure you ship out right away with priority mail.
And I would love to hear if you decide to host one of these parties!



Alaina said...

Such a cute idea. I hope I remember this when it is time for my children to go off to college.

Nicole said...

What a great idea! I love it!)

Erin P said...

So cute! Lucky kiddos...with stellar moms! 😉

Erin P said...

So cute! Lucky kiddos...with stellar moms! 😉

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

This is the cutest idea! Definitely stealing it and throwing one soon! Thank you for doing this blog... I have been following for a couple years now and am always so inspired by you and your creativity!

Unknown said...

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