Thursday, October 5, 2017

~thrifty Thursday Halloween candy holder~

This cute project I saw on Pinterest.
Cherished Bliss was the creator of it, and after seeing it, I knew I needed to make one.

I was trying to think of a way to not have to purchase an expensive chalkboard for this project, so I headed to my local thrift store to see if there was a piece of framed art that I could turn into one.
No such luck, but I did find a breakfast tray that would work perfectly!

I thought I took a pic of it before, but sadly after searching, I guess I didn't.
It had a gold rim and a brown center, so I painted the rim with white paint and the center with chalkboard paint.

Here are the rest of the supplies:

– Chalkboard {anything larger than 14”, or make your own}
I found this one that I think would be perfect! Remember, you will be using this year after year!
– 13” white foam pumpkin cut in half, I found mine at Joann Fabrics. {you can use your wood burning tool and cut along the seam}
Wood Burning Tool with razor blade attachment
permanent chalk marker, pencil, painters tape, and templates
– Black and white craft paint and paintbrushes
First, I drew out a smiley face on the pumpkin with pencil. You can enlarge the one below, increasing the size on your copier. Cut around it, and trace around it on your pumpkin. Make sure to leave enough room at the bottom to fill it candy.
Once I drew my smiley face I used my wood burner took with the razor blade attachment to cut out the mouth area. Because it is hot, please be extremely careful, go slow, and pay close attention to what you are doing.

After the mouth was cut out I decided to paint on the eyes. I traced out some eyes with a pencil {again, feel free to use the one provided} and used paint brushes and daubers to get the nice clean white circle. 

While the paint is drying, enlarge the “trick or treat” stencil and scribble pencil all over the backside of the paper, covering all the lettering. Using painters tape, place it on your chalkboard right side up, near the top, and centered. Using a ballpoint pen, firmly trace around each letter, and remove paper.

Using a permanent chalk marker, fill in the “trick or treat” wording. The pencil lead should have transferred off, if not, try using chalk instead of a pencil.
You may want to go over it twice depending on how white you want it.

Next I had to mount the pumpkin to the chalkboard. I used a small tube of liquid nails adhesive around the rim of the inside of the pumpkin and placed it on the chalkboard. I weighed it down with book and let dry overnight.

The final step is to fill with candy and hang outside your door for trick or treaters!

If you aren't going to be home when treat or treaters come by, dress up your porch with this and make all your neighbors envious!



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