Wednesday, November 29, 2017

~a great advent idea with free printables~

I discovered these great magnetc pinboards from Chart a la Carte.

Their signature board (available in white and driftwood) offers a wide range of uses, styles and creative possibilities.  A unique construction allows dual use of both magnets and push pins.  It also features a detachable frame (held in place by magnets) for easy style changes in fabric, and a magnetic storage compartment with plenty of room for extra magnets and markers.  Equipped with magnetic storage on the back, the board can store larger magnets or a reversible chalkboard panel, which doubles as a whiteboard (chalkboard panel and flower magnets sold separately).

Not only are these versatile, stylish, and perfect for organization, but right now they have the cutest advent calendar option available!

How cute are those?
For my kids I printed out messages they can get everyday in December. I wrote things like some quotes to their favorite Christmas movie, Christmas Vacation, some fun facts about them, silly stories from when they were little, etc.

If you would like to use the printables below to create one of your own advent calendars, feel free to print them off and use a paper cutter to cut them out.

If you just want the envelopes, stickers, and tacks, click here to purchase.
But I highly recommend getting the boards, they have literally changed my OCD organizing mind!

These are also great conversation starters for the family and gets the family connected!

Have fun with these!


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