Wednesday, November 22, 2017

~easy DIY marbleized clay ornaments~

I love adding home made items into our decor. If you do too and are looking for a simple ornament project, you'll have to try this. These are easy enough for kids to make too!


nail polish in your choice of colors


Roll out your clay onto a clean smooth surface.
Make sure it is the same thickness all over, this will help to ensure your project will dry evenly.

Cut out your shapes, just like you would cut cookies out. 
Hint: if your having trouble with your cookie cutter sticking to the clay, run your cookie cutter through hot water first, then stamp.

Pick up your shape with a spatula or knife but gently loosening it from you surface. If you have any imperfections you can smooth those out with your fingers and warm water.

Place them on a paper plate, wax paper, or other material to dry. 
{I like using a wire rack to ensure they dry evenly}

Using a straw, punch a hole in one side. This will be where you will hang your ornament from with your twine or ribbon.

Let dry. I let mine dry overnight.


Fill a bowl about 1/2 full with water and randomly add 2 colors of nail polish. I chose black and white for mine to go with our decor this year.
Gently swirl it with a straw or toothpick.

Quickly dip in your dried ornament, completely covering it, or half of it, whichever you prefer. 
Hang to dry.
{I got about 11 ornaments decorated with 2 bottles of nail polish}

When they are dry you can hang them from your tree, add them to packages for a fun alternative topper, turn them into napkin rings, etc.

Have fun making these, and have a great Thanksgiving!



shoppingstew said...

Did you use white or gray clay for your ornaments?

Unknown said...

Does the nail polish stick to the bowl and if it does, how do you remove it?

Melaine said...

I used grey clay but either would work, and yes the polish sticks to the bowl, so I'd suggest getting a bowl at the thrift store or the dollar store because it can't be reused. xoxo

Unknown said...

Great post, enjoyed reading it!

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Cindy said...

Did you pour the entire bottle of nail polish in the bowl?

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