Tuesday, November 14, 2017

~our holiday Christmas card shoot~

Christmas cards are my thing. 
I think it started when my kids were old enough to actually sit still for photos. 
About that time I discovered all the amazing templates and designs for cards at Minted and it was all down hill from there.... 
Every year I get so excited to see the new designs come out and pick one that suits our family best. 
There are so many to choose from that I literally will be on their website for hours. 
Then I narrow it down to about 10 and have my family pick their favorites. 

This year was a little tougher to take photos because Savannah is away at college. 
So during a "family weekend" at her school, we stood out in the freezing cold, put the camera on a tripod and smiled away.

The backdrop was perfect for so many of their cards that it was hard to choose but we narrowed it down to this one and here it is!

It was literally just starting to snow and it was so cold, so we would take a couple pics, then run back to the car to warm up, then head back out.

Here's a few out takes just for the fun of it :)
My husband is probably telling me he can't feel his feet at this point.

Literally pulled over on the side of the road.

Sibling love.

Body heat for warmth.

But we actually got some good ones, and they've been ordered and are on their way, hooray!

This one made the back:



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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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