Wednesday, January 31, 2018

~a mountain ranch home tour~

This mountain ranch home by Nicole Davis Interiors was featured in Elle Decor and I can see why!
I love the mix of rustic and modern in this home, the use of weathered woods and metals, just about everything.

Similar chandelier can be found here.

Similar rug can be found here.
Similar blanket here.

Similar bar stools here.

Similar cement tile can be found here.

Similar art here.

This gallery wall is just too good. I love how it wraps around to both walls.
Similar frames here.
You can find a great selection of vintage style lighting right here.

I love the pop of blue in these pillows!

Similar horse art here.

What lucky kids!

A juju hat, just like the one over my own bed!

That view is to die for.

This is a different color way, but still a really close match to that back splash tile!

It's all in the details.



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