Wednesday, January 24, 2018

~a new bed for Cody~

I am so excited to share with you Cody's room with a few updates. 
He has been begging me lately for a "couch" instead of a bed in his room.
The decorator in me said a big fat NO.
BUT, then we went to a friends house and saw this bed that looks like a couch.
And bonus, it has a pull out trundle bed!
Cody always is having sleepovers and we are always in a dilemma as to where to put the extra kids. 
This bed not only serves the "couch look" he wanted, but also offers that extra bed that we have been searching for, a win win for both of us!
The extra bonus is that it came in a queen size, so we didn't even have to buy a new mattress.

We decided to take down his curtains and we hung a flag from the rod instead. I think it gives the room that bit of color that it needed. 

Most of his bedding and pillows are from Ikea except for the lumbar pillow and the grain sack pillows.

~And here is the best part~

The bottom just slides right out to reveal a twin size bed, which we still need to get a mattress for.

Sleepover issues solved!
I think this bed is classic and it will last him a long time.
The price point was very affordable as well.
Birch Lane has a wide variety of other styles to choose from as well, right here.



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Teresa Halminton said...

Love your decoration! The bed is so nice, makes me want to buy one for myself :)
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