Monday, January 22, 2018

~a reader re-design~

This bonus room belongs to friends of ours and she reached out asking for a bit of help.
She wants to make over the room over the weekend with her teenage daughter while her husband is out of town. Sound familiar? Ha, love it!
Here are the photos she sent me.

Here is the color palette I am suggesting.
Trim would be Extra White, as well as the fireplace brick, built in cabinets Hale Navy, walls Revere Pewter, with accents of the grey color, shown here in Chelsea Gray.

I love the palette wall behind the tv and I think it would be great to add more of that wood above the mantle and bring the height of the fireplace up to the ceiling. I show it in the pic vertically, but it would run horizontally.

Adding in some texture and layers makes this room cozy.


I also really like this one to bring in that darker grey color.

I am also suggesting new pulls for the cabinets.
Just a quick freshen up without spending a ton of money and using mostly what she already has.



Jalon Burton said...

Oh what an exciting project!
I can't wait to see the 'after' photos.
Have a beautiful Monday.

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