Monday, January 1, 2018

fixer upper style dining room plans on a budget

This is the dining room of one of my readers. She needed this to have fixer upper style on a budget. They are in the midst of doing some upgrades and she turned to me for help. 
The couple loves the Joanna and Chip Gaines Fixer Upper style and asked to incorporate that look into their design.
They are also on a very strict budget, so everything I selected was keeping that in mind.
The dining room sits right off the kitchen, so it is informal.
The couple has 2 young kids and the house is fairly small.

Here you can see the eat in dining room from the kitchen door. 

I selected items that would fit the space nicely without breaking the bank. This is a young couple and as they are in the home longer, and as their kids grow,  they can choose to invest in more high end pieces if they wish. 
They will be painting all the walls white
This chandelier is super inexpensive but still will have great contrast against white walls. At the holidays they can add greenery or even simple shades to dress it up.
This table comes unfinished so you can paint it or stain it to your color preference.
I would either paint it bright white or stain it grey.
I love the industrial look of these chairs, and the black ties in with the light. More importantly, they stack nicely so they can keep extras for company tucked in a corner.
This rug would add texture while fitting in the space nicely. I like it in natural, but it also comes in grey.
I think a grouping of all three sizes of these vases would be a simple centerpiece for the table. A single stem of greenery in the largest one would be all you would need.
I would suggest these for the windows. I have them in our home and they go up and down easily and have a great texture/color.
I like the use of vintage sign letters that Joanna uses. This S is the first letter of the persons last name and would look great to the left of the window.
On the right side of the window I would do one of these. I also think if the homeowner opted out of the "S", two of these would look good flanking the windows.
OR, {and my top choice} a pair of old chippy shutters on either side of the window would also look great! 
{the shutters would also cover up the electrical panel-bonus!}
In the corner of the room this bar cart would be great for everyday napkins, bottled water, caddys filled with silverware, etc.
I LOVE this caddy!
I am tempted to leave the wall to the right of the table plain to cause it from looking overcrowded. If I did anything I think I would do one big neutral piece like a big chalkboard or clock.
And that is it! What do you think?

A fixer upper style dining room on a budget, gotta love it!
Stay tuned to see the other rooms in this house!


Mary Ann Pickett said...

Looks great...and fresh!

bsurrounded said...

This is fun. I'm excited to see the finished room. Are there any plans for the ceiling tiles?

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