Tuesday, January 23, 2018

~free color block Valentines printable~

I like to try my hand at making something new each holiday, so this year for Valentines day I thought I would try and challenge myself with creating something out of paint swatches from the hardware store.

I will show you how I made this, but I will also share with you the finished product that you can print off yourself if you'd like to save yourself the extra steps. But......the instructions might come in handy if you want a different color way.

So I started off by picking up several square strips of reds and pinks.
After bringing them home I scanned them into my computer.
Then in i-photo, which you can do if you have a Mac, I simply edited out the paint numbers and color names with the "retouch" button.
Then I printed them out onto a sheet of white card stock.

Using a paper cutter to ensure straight lines, I cut out each little square. Then I simply arranged them onto a sheet of printer paper, glueing each one down with a glue stick.

I used the original paint strips as a guide to keep them straight.

When I was done, I framed it simple in a white frame I picked up at TJ Maxx for $12.99, with a white matte so that the color of the paint swatches would pop.
For reference, the opening to my frame is 8x10, matted to 11x14 frame size.
Super simple, you can totally do this with any colors to go with your own decor, but I thought this one was fun for Valentines day.
If you'd like to make the same one I did, simply print out the image below and frame it!

Be sure to pin this if you want to save it and create it at another time!


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