Friday, January 19, 2018

~Friday favorites~

Is anyone reading?
January has been a sleepy month, but I am still plugging along.
Let me know in the comments section what you would like to see more of on My Sweet Savannah for 2018, I would LOVE to hear!

I have been home all day every day training our new puppy Cash.
He is so sweet and gets along well with our 2 other yellow labs, even though one of them wants nothing to do with him. Hopefully he'll come around.

Since I have been staying home I have been spending a lot more time on my laptop and I found a great designer with a fabulous portfolio to browse through. If you have the time, take a peek right here.

I also found a fun blog that has great farmhouse home tours. If you like the farmhouse look, you'll want to see it.

This hand soap is the perfect scent of winter and spring all mixed into one.
I have it in my kitchen and I find myself washing my hands a lot just because it smells so good.

I love the texture on this vase. I have a similar one on my coffee table right now with dark purple tulips and I love it.

This candle has become a signature scent in our home. It's the only clean burning soy candle that looks cute and masks the smell of 3 dogs. I literally buy them by the case and burn them all day everyday.

There is nothing quite like linen bedding, and I am thinking about adding these to my cart for my sons room.
Do you ever find linen bedding at TJ Maxx? I sometimes get lucky and find a piece or two.

What are your weekend plans?
My daughter is coming home from college to see the new puppy and my son is having a big birthday party. It's gonna be a fun teenager filled weekend at our house!



Marsha said...

I read your blog every day! The new puppy is adorable and have a great weekend with your kids.

Chris said...

We just got a new addition as well and out 5 year old lab likes to play with her...when he is in the mood ! Good luck and have a great weekend.

Connie Anzelone said...

I read your blog whenever I'm online so please keep up your quality posts & pics! Good luck with the newest family member!

Anonymous said...

I read everyday! I miss your posts on DIY and seeing your house. I feel like your content has changed.

Anonymous said...

I am seeing far too many posts urging us to BUY something. I used to love to read this blog to see your house and how you have done more DIT stuff rather than always buying things at these overpriced on line sites. I must admit I don't come to your site as I used too. Blogging used to be fun to read when it was about real people doing something creative with what they have rather than shaking us down to buy things.

I'm not saying you do this all the time, but far more often than in the past. I guess it is lucrative.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Great tips as usual!!

jlc said...

Really miss your DIYs and especially the Thrifty Thursday posts.

cindy hattersley design said...

Your pup is adorable! My crazy lab Beau is now seven (he finally acts somewhat like a grownup) I can't imagine taking on a puppy again. He was a handful! Always love posts of your beautiful home!

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