Thursday, January 25, 2018

~new bookshelves & how to style them~

You know that feeling when your Christmas tree comes down out of the living room and you are left with that bare empty space? 
And then your mind starts turning thinking how great something else would look there besides the old furniture that was there before?

Well, that's what happened to me, and for a couple weeks after the tree came out, our room sat like this with 2 big empty holes on either side of the fireplace.
There is all our tv equipment and cords resting on a temporary table until I found the perfect pieces.

Then a light bulb went off and I remembered a bookcase I had seen from Room & Board, and then I had that moment of, ah ha, that is exactly what this room needs!
I quickly got out my tape measure and ta-da, perfect fit!
Perfect fit, perfect price point, and in stock, my kind of furniture for sure.

Before I show you the after photos, I wanted to share with you a little bit about why I chose these bookshelves. There are several reasons really.

1~ I wanted something that would match our new Restoration Hardware coffee table and the color and the lines of the Slim Bookcase worked perfectly with it.

2~ I love how the dark steel anchors the space, they are super sturdy and will last us a lifetime.

3~ These pieces are very versatile. If in the future I ever want to switch things up {which I doubt I will} these pieces will go nicely in a den, bedroom, or office space, even a kitchen.

4~ I wanted a place to showcase and house my growing collection of books. There is nothing I like better than a neutral backdrop with pops of color, and my bright books on these black steel shelves with white walls would do just that. 

Then came the fun part of styling them!
Here are some things to remember when you are styling your bookshelves:

When using books, and DO use books, stack them horizontally and vertically. Select books with a certain color scheme to go with your decor. Get creative with your bookends. To see how I made my concrete spheres, go here.

Add baskets or trays. I added distressed wood crates from TJ Maxx to each bottom shelf. One houses all the puppy's toys, and the other magazines. 
These are good for tv remotes, controllers, etc. as well.

Display favorite decorative objects. For me, these were my blue and white ginger jars. For you it might be a piece of art, or something you collected on your travels.

Don't be afraid to stack items. For example, I placed a pretty blue and white bowl on top of a pile of books. 
On another shelf I placed a fun little card game on top of a stack of books. Have fun with it!

What do you think? Just what the room needed in my opinion.
You can shop the look below!
A huge thanks to Room &  Board https://www.roomandboard.comfor sponsoring this post,  all opinions are my own. 

Slim Bookcases  {mine are the 34" wide}
Tom Ford book
Eddie Ross, Modern Mix book
Leather recliners
Blue and White Ginger Jars
Olive Buckets
Betwixt  lumbar pillow
Floor Lamp 
Picture Frames are Ikea Ribba



Angie said...

The bookshelves look great and they are the perfect fit! I was wondering about the Pottery Barn leather chairs and how they hold up to your sweet fur babies toenails? We haven't had leather in quite some time for that reason, but I love this chair and we are downsizing and it is the perfect size for our small living room. Thanks so much, Angie

Marsha said...

I love the bookshelves! The look great in that area.

Melaine said...

Thank you! They definitely show marks, but I guess it just depends on if you are ok with that. Personally I like the patina’d look!

Melaine said...

Thank you so much!

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