Thursday, February 8, 2018

~ DIY tromp l'oeil fawn serving tray~{thrifty Thursday}

How to turn an ordinary old cutting board into a cute serving tray, and it's easier than you might think!

Start with any old cutting board. I found this small one at a thrift store, and the larger one I already had.  Both had seen better days.

The first thing you'll need to do is sand down your cutting board to take any sort of finish it has on it off. 

Wipe clean and then get out 2 contrasting stain colors out, a thin paint brush, a skinny foam brush, and some paper towels. 

Working on a protected surface, place a thin line of dark stain down the center of your cutting board. 
You can do this in sections if it's easier. 

Then using your foam brush with light sweeping motions, feather out the line to either side. 

Then using the lighter stain, layer that on around the dark moving around to the edges. 
There is really no rhyme or reason to this. I went back and forth with both stain colors until I got the look I wanted.

Once that it dry you can add on your spots with white paint.
These are literally just blobs of paint right off the paint brush. Start with the dark section in the middle and do 2 side by side all the way down. 
Then add random dots to the other areas of the board.

The final step is to add wax to protect it. I used Annie Sloan clear wax, but you could play around with dark waxes or even liming wax if you wanted.

And here they are all finished!

Don't forget to carry the stain and dots onto the sides.

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Teresa Halminton said...

I love this idea! I regret that I threw away a cutting board last year. Gonna try this DIY soon. Thank you for sharing!

Melaine said...

You’re so welcome!

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