Wednesday, February 14, 2018

~free greenery!~

First of all, Happy Valentine's Day!

One of my favorite things to do it cut clippings from around the yard for our home.
Why take the time to go to the store and buy flowers when you can get a similar look in 2.5 seconds with some gardening scissors?

These are rhododendron branches, but anything works. During the holidays I cut clippings from our cedar trees. 

My very favorites are my hydrangeas, but I have to be patient for those.
In the meantime, plain greenery will have to do!

No arranging necessary, just plop them in a vessel.
Mine is from here.

The Nester is known for using clippings off trees to decorate her own home. I love how she "arranges" them.

Photo courtesy of The Nester

Now go get out and get some greens!

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