Tuesday, February 6, 2018

~nutella no bake cookies~

No bake cookies are one of my favorites. But then I discovered Nutella no bake cookies and the competition is on.

p.s. you can make your own recipe cards right here.



apodlaskiburke said...

Perfect timing!! I'm a g-free girl always in need of new recipes and this one looks like one to try! Yumm!!

paperjunk-lc said...

How many cookies does this recipe make? These look so yummy!

Melaine said...

Depends on how big you make them, maybe 18?

San Antonio Property Damage Lawyers said...

Tried this recipe and very disappointed. The “cookies” never set – I even put them in the fridge for an hour – and left me with a tray of oat-studded goop you could only eat with a spoon.

Melaine said...

That’s super odd! Sorry you didn’t have luck!

Unknown said...

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