Monday, February 12, 2018

~our gallery wall~{a how to}

One question I get asked the most is about our gallery wall above our sofa. 
It is a great way to make a huge statement for very little money, and today I am going to show you how I created it!

These are the exact frames I used.
Did you see how cheap they are? 
This entire gallery wall cost just over $100.00, not bad if you ask me!

Here is else you will need:

I like to lay everything out on the floor
 {upside down, you'll see why, keep reading} 
before hand just to make sure I have the correct overall size.
When everything is laid out and spaced correctly,
{for reference, mine are spaced about 2" apart}
measure the first row from the center of the left frame to the center of the one next to it on it's right. 
This is how far apart you will hang them on the wall. 
Now you can make a mark with a pencil on the wall for the first frame, then measure over to the right and make another pencil mark. Use your level to make sure the lines are straight.
Continue over to the right the same distance between each one.

Once your first row is up you can move on to the next. For this measurement you will need the distance between the top of one to the top of the other, plus your spacing. 

Hang the second row the same way you hung your first row. 
Make sure to keep checking the levelness.

Once it is all up, use a dab of mounting putty in the bottom corners of each one so they won't shift over time. 

I simply printed old photos on our home printer and taped them inside.
I like using black and whites for this because I think it looks really classic. 

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will answer them in the comments section!


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