Thursday, February 22, 2018

~our new pantry barn doors~

Adulting is hard.
You've heard that saying right?
I also say being a homeowner is hard.
Especially hard when you live in a fixer upper and have a never ending list of projects that need to get done.
Last spring we ordered barn doors for our pantry from Rustica Hardware. 
They arrived in March in very large bundles in very large boxes. 
I think we were just starting our deck reno and decided it needed our time and energy more, so we put off the barn door project for a little while.
Fast forward almost a full year, {yikes}
and we finally got them hung!
It was a full days project and we had to make a couple different trips to the hardware store, but in the end we are loving them!

We chose the bypass door system, and these are the doors we used in matte black.
In the end I chose to leave off the slanted pieces to look less "barn like" in our kitchen.

When you enter our home, you walk straight into the kitchen.
Here is a view of the new pantry doors from the porch just outside the kitchen.
Both doors slide to the right because of the wall on the left. When open, the doors cover our coffee nook. To read about that coffee station, please see this post.

If you've been reading a while, you'll remember how I just re-did the inside of the pantry to be more efficient. If you missed that post, you can see it here.
I just recently added these baskets to hold bags of chips and protein bars and snacks.
I also got a couple of these, which I have yet to hang yet. They are the perfect size for foil, saran wrap, and ziplock bags.
I'll share final photos of the inside shortly with the new updates!



Marsha said...

They look great!

annie said...

I saw these on your instagram and loved them. I checked out Rustica and it's giving me all sorts of ideas for my new little house that we will be renovating in the fall. Of course I love your choice on flat black. It really adds so much to your already beautiful kitchen!

Melaine said...

Thank you! That sounds like a fun project you have coming up! Please circle back and share updates!

Melaine said...

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