Monday, April 30, 2018

~farmhouse kitchen~{shop the look}

I love, love, love farmhouse kitchens. 
They are hardworking and full of things used on a daily basis.
I stumbled across this one and new I had to do a "shop the look" post because it is just so good!
I love how everyday items are out on display here. Everything is handy but still looks very stylish.
Corralling wood utensils in white pots, bright cookbooks, and wood accents really stand out. And don't you just love the white milk bottles on top of that great cake stand?

Fresh flowers are always a must in a farmhouse kitchen.
The grocery store is my favorite source for inexpensive flowers.
If you change the water every few days they will last a lot longer!
BoosBlock cutting board can be found here.

These stools are everything!
And that lighting is so dreamy. 
That is one huge island.

I love that burlap skirt under the farm sink!
That modern chair is quite a surprise but works really well in this space.
One of my favorite things to do to warm up a kitchen is to add a vintage rug like this one.

Their collection of Le Creuset on the stove is pretty fabulous, as is that cowhide rug.
What do you think?
Pretty easy to achieve this look right?


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