Wednesday, April 11, 2018

~how to get the RH burnt oak furniture finish~

Today I am going to blow your mind because of this product.
It is the easiest way to get that Restoration Hardware burnt oak finish that is so desirable.

Let's start from the beginning.
In our kitchen we have these great barstools from RH. I have always loved the finish on them.
They are aged looking, with a grey hue to them, and go with many styles.

Fast forward to today, when I got this great side table for our living room, which sits off the kitchen. If you'd like to take a look at it in our home, please go here.
{shown lighter than it actually is}

Now, how to create the "burnt oak" finish on my unfinished table.

Enter this product:

This is like a little miracle in a can. Basically you just wipe or brush it on, let it sit 2 hours and wait while the aging magic happens!
They recommend sealing it once you are finished to protect it. 
You can do this with a matte varathane or clear wax.
Now, you can leave it like this and get a beautiful weathered grey finish, or, you can take it one step further and get a little more detailed.
First I covered the entire piece with liming wax rubbing it into all the cracks and crevices. 
Then when that was dry I went over the whole piece with black wax. 

My finished piece on the left, RH's finish on the right.
Notice how the liming wax adds that contrast to the dark wax.

And here it is all finished!

Do you have any furniture that needs the Restoration Hardware treatment?



jo said...

I'm confused. First of all, the table is gorgeous!! talked about the Varathane product, but then you don't say that you used it. You said you used liming wax. So I must be missing something?

Melaine said...

You can use either or, both protect the finish. If you don’t do the wax, do the varathane, does that make sense?

jo said...

I'm sorry I'm so thick-headed, but did you put the wood accelerator on before the liming wax? In the post I don't see where you mentioned using the wood accelerator, so that's where my confusion lies. I'm sorry I'm missing something I guess.

Melaine said...

The accelerator goes on first. Then you can leave it and seal it, OR, don’t seal it and do the combo of lining wax and dark wax

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