Tuesday, May 1, 2018

~happy May~{spring favorites}

Happy May 1st! 
As soon as May hits I really start getting excited about the upcoming months.
Warm weather, later evenings, gathering around the lake, family and friends, etc.
I have some spring favorites that I thought I'd share with you today to get you in the mood as well if you are needing a little burst of sunshine.

1-fill a white pitcher with flowers to add freshness to any room.

2-pile on the white dishes. Vintage or new, add them to open shelving, place behind glass cabinets, or stack on the table.

3-Burn a spring scented candle. My favorite this time of year is Gardenia or Rose. Don't think you can only burn candles in the winter!

4-I love baking cookies and leaving them on this great cake stand for people to grab as they wish.

5- Adding color with rug runners is so fun. I love the ones with raspberry reds and pinks. 

6-Cozy up on chilly spring nights around a fire pit.

7-Croquet is one of our families favorite springtime lawn games.

8-At the end of a busy day, there is nothing like crawling into linen sheets for a restful nights 

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