Tuesday, June 12, 2018

~how to create a full layered fluffy bed~

I have admired this bedroom for some time now.
It is so peaceful and calming and has just the right mix of rustic and new.

The bed in particular is so inviting. It is full of layers and textures.
Let's look at it closer and see what makes it so great.

You'll want to start with an upholstered bed in a great fabric with a curve that adds to that soft romantic look.

This bed would be a great choice, and it comes in a variety of colors.

The bed in the picture has layers and layers of blankets and pillows to create a full layered look.
Start with high quality crisp white sheets.
Pair it with a linen bed skirt with clean lines.
Mix a soft white quilt with a darker flax linen duvet folded at the foot of the bed for a really plush look.

Mix in decorative pillows, such as these damask ones with burlap and faux fur, with your sleeping pillows.
Do you see how all these different textures work so well together? 

Lay a soft cream blanket at the foot of the bed to one side. 

Notice how there is a total of 9 pillows on this bed. 
{maybe more that are hidden!}
Vary your sizes. European sized pillows 
{looks like this bed has 6!}
are a must. Use down or down alternative fill for a richer more plush look.
These would replicate the look of the cream ones in the photo, and also these like the ones in the back row.

Finish off the look with a cute little tray for books, reading glasses, a glass of wine, and maybe even a candle.

Even if this isn't the exact bed you'd like to replicate, you can still take notes from all the layers, textures, and neutral colors. Have fun with it!



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