Monday, June 4, 2018

~vintage modern lake house ~the exterior

I posted on Instagram a picture of my neighbors house a while back when I was out for a walk.
Everyone went nuts over it, so I asked her if she wouldn't mind me coming in and taking a few pictures. 
She was so sweet and gracious, even leaving her house so I could take pictures.
I took so many, about 400, it is that good.
So I thought I'd break it up and show it to you in pieces here all week.
If you have any questions about anything, please leave them in the comments and I will try and get you the answers.

This home sits directly on the lake. It is surrounded by trees and flowers and the nicest neighbors :)

They couple has 3 grown kids and had this home designed and built while they lived elsewhere.
Should we jump right in?

This is our neighborhood on Crystal Lake:

{photo source}

The front of the house sits on a quiet side street.
The homeowners designed it to have the main living area in the middle, the kitchen and dining on the right,  {behind the garage in the photo} and the living spaces on the left.
I know you all are going to ask about the stain color, but it was a custom mix.

 I did try and match it up to Sherwin Williams and for what its worth, this is what I came up with:

Everything on this home, inside and out is meticulous and has had a lot of thought put into every detail.

I love the modern lines in the pavers with the grass leading to the front walkway.

And standing on the opposite side looking up to the road:

Vintage concrete urns with white geraniums are simple and elegant.

The stone work is gorgeous.

Even this privacy fence which they just completed is so simple but so great.

As you walk down the steps to the front door, you can look right through the house out onto the lake in back.

This bucket is vintage but you can find a similar one here.
Great for shoes, we have one inside our door.
Double doormat can be found here.

Similar urns can be found here.

This pathway goes around the side of the house to the backyard.

The backyard is stunning and overlooks the lake.

Look at those peonies!

Even the pump house is cute with its vintage door and painted to match the house.

And going around the other side to the garage:

The garage has a mother in law above it for guests, just up these steps.

This room has the most color in the whole house. The color scheme is white, turquoise, and yellow, and it is so happy!
You can find a similar rug here.

The stools at the foot of the beds with the old suitcases are a fun touch.
I believe the beds are family heirlooms.

This store is a great source for fun bedding, as well as this store.

The cage sconces can be found here.
I love the vintage bed tray on the one bed, so cute.

 Opposite the beds is a cute little white dresser with a turquoise and white birdhouse lamp.

The small bathroom is clean and simple.

Similar bathmat and yummy soap.

Similar mirror

All week I will be sharing different rooms from this home so be sure to check back daily!



Kathy said...

Really lovely

Cindy said...

Stunning; I look forward to seeing the rest of the home.

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