Thursday, July 12, 2018

~different uses for the Peyton barrel~

The Peyton barrel from World Market is so chic and it is a very inexpensive option if you are looking to replicate the original French barrels.
We have 2 large and one small. 
There are so many uses for these great barrels, so I thought I'd show you what we have done with ours, and then what others have done with theirs!

We use the 2 large ones flanking our French doors with boxwood topiaries.
They say they aren't recommended for outdoor use, but we've had them about 2 years and never had any issues with them.

I also have used our smaller one, which usually holds shoes inside the door, as a table. Simply top it with a piece of wood, a round breadboard as I did, or anything to make a sturdy place to set a drink.

My friend Annie has used this planter, but the World Market one would work perfect in this situation too. She used a wood round from Home Depot to turn hers into a planter table! Genius, this is on my to do list!

Or simply turn one upside down for the easiest table ever!

Collect rain water.

Anthropologie had them at one point in time, but I still think I love the World Market ones, and their price tag!

What about taking 2 and adding a long reclaimed wood top to make a bench?

They make cute wedding decor too.

I love love love this picture:

Now, go get yourself a Peyton Barrel :)


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