Tuesday, July 17, 2018

~DIY giant Jenga game~

I am sort of in love with how this project turned out.

The first thing you will need to do is cut your eight 2x4's into 10.5" sections.
You will need 54 total.

You will then need to sand each piece down and when you are done you will feel like your arm is going to fall off, but I promise, 
it won't.

You can stain them all the same color, or do what I did and use three different colors for interest.
Divide them up into 3 sets of 18 and get staining!

While your stain is drying you can move onto making the storage cart.

Cut two pieces of plywood at 17" x 17" each and stain them.
{I used the "ash" color for mine}
When dry, add casters to the bottom of one, securing with screws.

Next you are going to make 4 side pieces out of pipe.

Start with a flange, then a 12" pipe followed by a coupling, followed by another 12" pipe followed by another coupling, and then a 2" nipple, finishing it off with another floor flange.
Do this process four times. 
Use your level to make sure each piece is the same height.

Then one by one screw them onto the corners of the bottom piece that has the casters on it.
Place your other 17"x17" on the ground and flip this bottom piece with the pipes upside down on top and screw the other four flanges into the top.

 When done, flip the whole thing right side up and add your handle to the top.
The handle consists of 2 floor flanges, a 2" nipple, 2 elbows, and 2 black closed steel nipples.

You now have your cart to carry the game pieces in, and it should look like this:

You can actually play the game in this case, or you can take them out or just use it for storing the pieces. Either way, the finished product is really pretty and fun too!

Let the games begin!
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