Monday, July 9, 2018

~how to make an everlasting succulent garden~

I love succulents, but I cannot keep them alive for the life of me.
Nowadays, they make such realistic looking faux versions, so I thought I'd use them in an arrangement for our kitchen island.

Here is how you can make one too.

Start with your vessel. I used a reproduction vintage wood dough bowl.
You can use anything you'd like though, but I think vintage troughs are really cool for this project.
Pottery Barn actually has vintage ones that are large enough for a long rectangular dining table which would be really pretty too.

Add dry foam to the enter. It doesn't have to cover every inch.

Start adding in faux succulents one at a time, trimming down the stems with wire cutters if they are too long.
Stagger the heights so they look more realistic and have some spilling over the sides.

I bought mine at Hobby Lobby but after doing so I found them cheaper on Amazon here.
You can buy them in packs, and you will need more than you think.

I had a bunch of holes in mine that needed to be filled so I used some leftover ugly bright green moss,  then topped it with preserved moss.
Put the moss in outdoors as it is really messy.

After you are finished gently blow any dirt or moss off the plants or the edges of your bowl and place inside!



[email protected] Stroll Thru Life said...

This is gorgeous. What a pretty planter too

JolieAnne said...

I say the same thing about succulents but I live in Florida and they love the heat, not the air conditioning! I have plenty of them outside. I have faux succulents inside, too. You made a nice arrangement.

BlueSky said...

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