Wednesday, August 8, 2018

~how lighting can change a room~

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Lighting plays such an important part in design.
The lighting in a home can change the mood of a room. 
I've tried many different light bulbs over the years to see which ones compliment the areas I am trying to light. We have a lot of lamps in our home and choosing the right bulb has sometimes been tricky. The use of lighting can add or subtract from the overall colors of a room.


Directional lighting can highlight specific elements like pieces of artwork or a piece of furniture.


Lighting should serve a purpose. Lighting in interior design is very important. Recessed lighting in ceilings create vertical beams of light but also light up the whole room. Place lights where needed. If you have a light on in no mans land you are just wasting electricity. Place a lamp on a table next to a sofa. Hang lighting over your kitchen island. A chandelier is nice over a dining room table.


If a room doesn't have sufficient lighting, it can feel dark and cramped. If a room does not have a lot of natural light, lighting is extra important.


When it comes to quality of artificial light, you must consider glare, contrast, uniformity, color, the mood and the atmosphere.

I have partnered with Soraa Home to show how I use lighting in my own home, and how I choose my bulbs . Their full spectrum lights can be found in some of the world's most elite museums, discriminating retailers and luxurious hotels.

The Soraa Radiant bulbs are a full spectrum color bulb. They bring out the color on the green bottles on my sideboard beautifully. Before I switched out the bulb, they looked really dull and didn't stand out. While I love a neutral palette, pops of color are important to me, and highlighting them is equally important.  You can find them on Amazon here.

The photo below is a before photo of the same shot before I added the Soraa lighting. Notice the difference in the coloring.

This is a sponsored post, but all options are my own.

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