Thursday, August 23, 2018

~ideas to take away from home staging~

Confession time.
When I was in my late teens, early 20's, I used to drive around on the weekends looking for open houses.
I loved, and still do love glimpsing into peoples homes, seeing their decor styles, and how they live.
Fast forward many years where I myself have staged many homes for sale.

I always find it fascinating to go into a clients home who and "recreate" it if you will to make it approachable from a buyers perspective.

Every single time without a doubt, the homeowners will say, "why didn't I think of that?!"

So today I thought it would be fun to peek into some staged homes for sale.
Why? Because there are lessons in these staged homes that you can apply to your everyday decorating.

The biggest thing is decluttering and this is simple.
When you have company over do you have random boxes or piles of paper you shove into a closet to hide? Everyone's done this right? I do it too! 
It's because people don't want to see your junk. 
So clean off those counters, go through your books, and games, candles, and vases, and donate things you don't use regularly.

In This home the owners had already moved out, so it was a clean slate.
The stager brought in clean comfy couches and ottomans in a neutral shade. 
Notice how simple everything looks. You want your eye to have a place to rest.
Now, you don't need to have your home this sparse, you do live in it indeed. 
But notice the lack of clutter on the coffee table, the color palette, and how the lamp by the TV ties in nicely with the couch color.
Linen tufted sofas can be found here.
Fresh flowers are a must too.

The same home is showcased beautifully in the sauna with rolled white towels and white robes. It shows a bit of luxury and makes it feel like you are at a spa.
This is a great way to make your own bathroom feel like a spa.
roll up some white towels in a basket and simply hang some lush robes.
Instead of busy artwork, opt for a gorgeous framed mirror.

This home is so charming and sits on 5 acres!
Again, it has been staged.
Let's see what we can take away from the photos.

This kitchen is staged perfectly.
Notice how every single blender, toaster, and coffee maker is tucked away. You don't want your kitchen to look like Home Depot. Only leave out what you use daily and tuck everything else away behind doors. I love the simple centerpiece on the island. It doesn't have to be decorative. Place your everyday fruits in a gorgeous wood bowl, it's functional beauty!
The clear vase in the corner holds branches simply clipped from the yard. Notice how it draws your eye to the greenery outside. If this vase was a color like say red, your eye would go immediately to it and it would look out of place.
More white flowers in a white vase and again some neutral soap and lotion is all that is needed by the sink.
Notice how the rug ties into the color of the counter tops too.

This bathroom in the same home is gorgeous.
The green wreath adds a pop of color. Again, notice the white towels and white candle.
The shower curtain has a pattern to it but is still neutral.
No toothbrush holders out, or magazines. Very simple, and all that is needed.

The coffee bar in this listing shows how something that we all need on a daily basis {caffeine} can also be so pretty!
While it is staged for the listing, this is a look that you could live with day to day!
White trays, baskets to hold coffee, pedestals, and everyday items on the shelves.

Moral of the story is this.
Look at listings online or even go to some open houses!
You will find great ways to get your home looking in tip top shape. 
It's kind of like looking through magazines or catalogs.


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