Monday, September 17, 2018

~cozy up with dessert & hot cocoa~

The weather has definitely started changing. The nights are getting shorter and it's time to hunker down inside.
I recently had some girlfriends over for hot chocolate and dessert. Nothing says cozy to me more than warm fall drinks and pie.

I took a cue from my friend Jenny and wrapped my mini pies in flannel strips. 
I bought a size 3XLT flannel shirt at Walmart in the mens section and ripped it into strips. And here's a little secret. These are the pies. Shhhh, don't tell my mom I didn't bake them all. Forks can be found here. The whole shebang is super inexpensive, but doesn't look like it right?
It added a bit of fall color to the otherwise neutral table setting and is super easy to do. 

I wanted something special and "earthy" for my dishes, so I took a trip down to my favorite nursery, Molbaks. Besides a plethora of plants, the store also has many great home decor items, kitchen items, and much more. 

I remember going to Molbaks as a kid. It was always a special treat, especially during the holidays. Their displays are over the top gorgeous and it's just one of those feel good places.
If you live anywhere near the Seattle area, do yourself a favor and take the time to walk around Molbaks in Woodinville. You will be happy you did.
Recently Molbaks created "The Wedge" a store within a store really. It is a specially curated collection of items with fast turning stock and some locally made products. On September 22nd they are officially celebrating the opening of The Wedge at the Local Roots festival.

The Wedge at Molbaks is actually where I found everything for my table!
I couldn't be happier with my purchases, they were just what I was looking for.

It was so good that I took some pictures during my shopping trip there.

Now back to the table set up.
I chose these really thick ceramic plates and mugs. 

The plates have a unique shape which make them a perfect fit for the rectangular galvanized trays.
Each friend got a cup of hot cocoa with extra marshmallows. 
And instead of doing the ordinary place cards, I used these little chalkboard tents to write little messages on.

A large round galvanized tray holds the desserts on a layer of Spanish moss.

Is this turkey not the cutest? 
The perfect place to hold a trio of candles.
These candles by the way are fabulous. 
They are unique in that they never melt down or drip wax. They last FOREVER. Heck yes! 
These Lucid candles get filled with the highest grade liquid paraffin. They burn just like a real candle and when they get low, you simply refill. 

I actually might recreate this entire look for Thanksgiving this year.
What do you think? 
Don't you just love one stop shopping? 
I can't wait to show you another project I am working on with Molbaks, but for now, click on the amazing links of my friends below to see more inspiration for fall!
Table photos by the uber talented Amanda Anne Photography.

Need more eye candy?

Click on the links below for more fall table goodness.

Happy Monday friends!



Unknown said...

I love this idea, Melaine! I hope you saved some pie for me! xo

AKA said...

This is SO cozy, Melaine!

Danielle said...

I love how you've displayed the pies and hot cocoa. So COZY. xx

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