Friday, September 21, 2018

~Friday favorites~

First of all, I am so excited because I am leaving today for Ojai to go to Patina Farm!!
Follow me along on my instagram stories all weekend as I meet up with bloggers, eat, drink, shop and see the most gorgeous house and property in California!

Ok, in other news, Cody got a new desk lamp.
Not as exciting as Ojai, but  I felt like sprucing up his room a bit.
It's cordless and and it's just what we needed with all his 500 tv and x box cords happening hiding behind that desk!
More doormat obsession with this one.
I am so ready for fall!

My go to brand for affordable clothing is right here.

Would it be weird if I bought this shirt and told everyone my kids got it for me?

Have I told you about this stuff yet? If I haven't, you need to hit the "add to cart" button NOW.

Everyone needs a pair of these boots for fall. Don't even look at the price tag, they will last you for life.

Ok friends, that's all I got for ya!
Have a great weekend.



Sister Patty said...

Patina Farm??? LUCKY!!!

Unknown said...

I had so much fun with you this weekend! I hope to get together with you soon!

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