Thursday, September 27, 2018

pumpkin decorating ideas

Look no further than this post for a roundup of some of my favorite no carve pumpkin decorating ideas.

Since these ideas don't involve carving a pumpkin, your pumpkin will stay fresher longer and you will spare yourself the headache of cleaning out the goop.

This first idea is one that my sister in law did. I love it so much and will be recreating one myself.

You will need any size pumpkin, floral tape, wet floral foam, and flowers of your choice. She suggests using olive branches, seeded and silver dollar eucalyptus, and rosemary for the greenery.

Cut your floral foam in a circle and soak in water. When soaked through, attach to the top center of your pumpkin using floral tape. Start placing your flowers, trimming down the stems as you go.

Another pumpkin decorating idea where you can use real or fake pumpkins.
I simply dressed these up with black masks, faux crows, and ribbon to coordinate.

When you do these in the masses and almost display them as a collection, it really makes a statement. 
Notice how not every pumpkin is embellished. To keep from going overboard and having it look cluttered, keep some pumpkins plain.

To learn how I made these faux concrete pumpkins, go right here.

These pumpkins are always a huge hit. You can find out how to make them here. I simply taped off where I wanted the paint to go, let it dry, then removed the tape.

There are so many great ideas on Pinterest as well. Follow my Halloween board here to see what I am pinning this season and for more pumpkin decorating ideas!


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