Wednesday, October 10, 2018

One Room Challenge week 2

This is week 2 on the one room challenge and today it's all about progress and products!
I am posting a day early because of a scheduled post I have tomorrow.
If you would like to start at week 1, go here to see the room from the beginning stage.

Here are some more hideous before photos for you viewing pleasure :) 
The only thing I like about this bathroom is the stripes, and even they are going to go.

I mean, that floor! What was I thinking?
I wasn't apparently!

 This is a tiny tiny room, so I will be maximizing every inch of space which means I will not be doing the wall mounted sink of my dreams, but instead, another vanity.

This bathtub might be the only thing left over in our house from the 1950's.

Alright guys, I started demo on the room this past week. It wasn't pretty. A lot of rot, mildew, and funky smells, I'm not gonna lie.  But you have to go through the ugly to get to the pretty right?

So let's talk about the pretty shall we? 

Some products I ordered are starting to come in, while some I haven't even picked out. Yikes!

But here is what I have so far for this One Room Challenge, and I am pretty excited about all of it!

I touched on the vanity above. I found an inexpensive one at Home Depot and fell in love with the color and textures, so here is it:
On a side note, I will probably paint the handles or replace them with black ones.

I got this faucet to go with it in a matte black finish:

Now, let's address those floors shall we? They are so bad. I think I might have said that a time or two, or 500.

For the floors I will be installing this gorgeous cement tile. I have literally had it sitting in boxes in storage for about 4 years. That's how long overdue this bathroom is.

For lighting, which was never good in this room, I will be adding
 a new gorgeous handcrafted sconce, as well as additional can lighting. On the ceiling that popcorn ceiling will be going by by!

And as far as the shower door, drumroll please!!!! We will be installing one of these that we had custom made for our space! Yes, I am making you click over with no sneak peek because it is that good!

I am so excited to see this room come together! 

I still need to finish gutting the space, including taking down all the drywall and tub enclosure. 

Address the mildew.

Pick out a mirror. 

Pick out tile for the shower.

Pick out wall color.

Decide if I will keep the original medicine cabinet.

What do you think? Are you as excited as I am?

To see all the rooms in the One Room Challenge, click right here.

See you back next week for hopefully some prettier pictures!


1 comment:

Lori H said...

I cannot wait to see the finished room! Looks gorgeous. PS the link to the vanity took me to a World Market glass oil bottle?

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