Thursday, October 18, 2018

One Room Challenge Week 3

This past week has been a productive one, but sadly there isn't much to show besides an empty room.

I got rid of all the nasty old drywall and insulation, taking everything down to the studs. What a mess.  Not a pretty picture.

But, I did get a few more things ordered, some of which already arrived!

Here are a few inspiration pictures for you to see kind of what we are going for!

So, now that you've seen the inspiration, here are a few more items that I ordered.
I got this shower head. It's super modern but I think the lines will go good with the lines on the shower door. I ordered it in matte black.

For the faucet, I opted for this in matte black.

I have always loved this mirror, so that was a no brainer, and it was on sale when I ordered it.

Keeping with the matte black modern look, I ordered this tp holder, these hooks, and this towel bar.

For now, my bathroom looks like this. 3 more weeks to go though so I am not panicking yet!
Are you nervous for me? I AM nervous for me! haha

To see week 1 go here.
Week 2 here.



Hannah said...

We are FINALLY doing our master bath after Christmas and this is my EXACT plan! HA! Door, matte black, faucet, even the mirror! My mom just did her bath in matte black and it looks AMAZING! Did you order the door from a local place? I can't WAIT to see your finished product!

[email protected] said...

This is going to be so so good!!!

Teresa Halminton said...

I can't wait to see how it turns out under your design, I love the inspiration.

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