Tuesday, November 20, 2018

diy gift wrapping station

Get your gift wrapping on!

I love to wrap gifts and create unique looking designs with them. 

Last year I showed some ideas for gift toppers, ribbon choices, and paper choices which you can see here.

This year I would like to show you where all the wrapping magic happens!

I created a diy gift wrapping station in my hallway, where I can wrap to my hearts content and not have a big mess.

A simple tray holds my gift tags, tape, scissors, etc.
I like keeping it all corralled so if I do need to move to a different area, I am not trying to carry 400 things at once.

I also like to use non traditional gift wrap for the holidays and reserve the traditional stuff for our "Santa gifts"

I purchase ribbons and gift wrap each year to go with my holiday decor. This year a little pink was in order!

It's fun to create a designated area where anyone in the family can run to and wrap a gift. Have gift bags on hand for those last minute hostess gifts, and always plenty of ribbon. I also like to tie vintage ornaments onto gifts for a fun touch.

If you are interested in any of the papers and ribbons I used this year, I am posting the links below!
Happy wrapping!

Vintage ornaments for gift toppers
Joy to the world sign


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