Tuesday, November 13, 2018

reclaimed wood basketball hoop

Do you remember when I made this basketball hoop for Cody's room?

Well, this reclaimed wood basketball hoop became very popular and I have had several requests to put together a tutorial on how to make one.

So 3 years later I finally put together a video with my husband to show you how you can make one too!

It's actually a really simple project as you will see, with only a few steps and tools needed.

So, without further adieu, here is the video tutorial!
Please don't laugh when you see my husband fumbling. I swear after I watched it, Clark Griswold came to mind when he was stapling up his Christmas lights on the house! Ha ha, you'll see!

I would love to know if you make one! Post it to Instagram and tag me so I can see!


1 comment:

Sister Patty said...

Joanna and Chip got NOTHIN' on Melaine and Chris!

You BOTH did an excellent job on your VERY FIRST video!


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