Monday, December 3, 2018

Christmas table decorations for kids

This Christmas, don't forget to set up a sweet space for the kids to eat, get messy, and stay out of your hair!

A cute space for the kids, with a fun activity will draw them in and keep them busy for hours.
Well, maybe not hours, but you catch my drift. I am having some pint size relatives over this year and thought it would be fun to show you what I am setting up for them.

Set out an activity for them to do. They can decorate cookies, put together gingerbread houses, or just simply color. 

I decided on all of the above, and I will show you how you can recreate this look on your own, it's very simple!

Starting with your table, which can be any shape, roll out brown craft paper. You can roll it out like a runner, cover the whole table with it, any way you like. Save the leftovers and wrap gifts with it!

I like to cut the paper a little long and let it curl under for a whimsical look.

Next, start building up your table with plates and cups or mugs, depending on what you are serving. I am using large rectangular plates that almost look like trays, to build the gingerbread houses on. The bonus to these is that they have a lip on them which will keep the candies from rolling off onto your floor.

By the way, these are the mini gingerbread houses I am using.

I added a candy cane to each mug and will be serving hot cocoa. 

For the centerpiece I added a gingerbread house that is already done and elevated it on a cake stand. I added a bit of greenery from the yard and fresh cranberries for color. 

Next you will want to build out from the centerpiece and fill in the dead spots. 

I chose to stick with white or marble containers. The candy and house pieces are on a marble lazy susan so it's easy to share the treats. 

It's fun to add a container of crayons or colored pencils as well so the kids can literally color on the table. 

If you have any fun ball ornaments, deer figurines, even wrapped gifts, scatter these around for a fun touch. 

And finally, after everything is set, use a black sharpie to write any notes on the table, outline your plates, or add directions for how to put the houses together. 

I wrote out 3 simple steps.

1-use the icing to put your house together.

2-add candy

3-have fun and drink hot cocoa!

The best part about this is that this will also double as a place for them to eat their meal, and when the guests leave, simply crumple up the "tablecloth" and toss.

Have so much fun with this.

Creating magical spaces for kids during the holidays is always so much fun.


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