Tuesday, January 22, 2019

coffee table styling ideas

This weekend I will be speaking at a local shop to talk about how to style your coffee table. 
This subject always gets much buzz, as some people get really stuck on how to tackle it.

Here are my tips and tricks for coffee table styling. 



1-   Flowers {faux or real}

Even for those with a black thumb, the coffee table is the perfect setting for a small, low-maintenance plant. You can choose low-mainteance plants like succulents that only need minimal watering, or opt for faux flowers for the same look without the fuss.    

2-  Tray
A tray is also useful for giving structure and symmetry to a freeform table, anchoring tabletop items that might otherwise feel like they're 'floating.' 

3-  Candles
Whether you are burning a candle for the ambiance, or for creating a mood with the scent, a candle is a must on a coffee table.  You can vary height in your centerpiece by using candlesticks at varying heights as well.

4-  Books
Hardcover books are a must have for any coffee table. Pull from the colors of your room when selecting books. Books can act as decorative objects in any space. 

5-  Decorative objects
This is where you can utilize other elements in the room. If you have gold accents in picture frames, etc. maybe opt for a metal object to tie it all together. Think about the artwork on your walls as well. If you have a seascape or some other beachy scene, place seashells or a piece of coral on your coffee table. 

6-  Shop your house
I like to pull items from other rooms of the home. For example, I like to use bowls out of my kitchen cupboards to place on a tray filled with a deck of cards or dominoes. 
Maybe an old water pitcher for flowers. Think outside the box. 

Shop this look here with these products:

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I hope this helps in streamlining your coffee table decor!


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