Friday, January 4, 2019

Friday favorites

How many of you are on day 3 of your New Years resolution?

How many of your New Years resolutions include eating healthy, dieting, or exercise?

Well, if you are like me, making healthier choices is definitely my number one priority.

Today's Friday favorites is all about eating healthy, feeling better, and getting back in shape!

I recently found these Boulder Canyon chips that are healthier than your regular chips, but still taste just as good! They just released a whole new look  and they are perfect for on the go snacking such as hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities that lead to a healthy lifestyle. I really like being able to feel like I am not on a diet, just eating the same old foods, but ones that are actually better for you! 

Head on over to their Facebook page where they are conducting product giveaways! #ad

I really like this crossfit workout that you can do from home.

Here is a protein packed hot chocolate that I discovered when I was doing the whole 30. It's really delicious! 

Take advantage of the Nordstrom half-yearly sale with some new workout wear. I love this brand, very fashionable as well as comfortable. 

These running shoes are in my shopping cart! Love, love, love them.

No excuses that you don't have time to shower in the morning before hitting the gym. I use this dry shampoo before I go so I don't look totally homeless. 

Now this is a water bottle!

If you have sore muscles from working out, or just want a detox bath, I highly recommend this product, I've been using it for years. 

And after your soak, keep that dry itchy skin soft with my favorite unscented lotion.

Make 2019 your year!


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