Monday, January 28, 2019

home office refresh

I LOVE my readers! I really do. Not only do you continue to support my blog by reading it everyday or week, but you come out to shows I am doing, classes I am giving, and hiring me to give your homes a fresh start.

Recently a reader contacted me to give her home office a refresh. Let me start by saying this girl is so cute and hip, and her home is a reflection of that. It's current, stylish, and fun.
However, she had that one room that was always neglected, as some of us do. 

Her home office was a mish mash of her parents hand me down furniture as well as pieces she had leftover from college. 

Wanting a more grown up, pulled together look, she called me.

I spent a couple hours with her in her home as we talked about ideas, etc. 
We came up with a plan to sell some of her current furnishings to make way for new.

The only thing she needed/wanted to keep was her sofa. It was super heavy and being on the third floor, a nightmare to move out. Besides that, it was in good shape. 

In that initial meeting we talked budget and I came up with some new big pieces for her to purchase. 

A new desk, a desk chair, a coffee table,  a floor lamp,  wall shelves, and a pouf.

She purchased everything online.

While she was waiting for the new pieces to arrive, she sold her old pieces on Craigslist.

After everything arrived I came over and we went shopping together for accessories and art.

We went to one store. HomeGoods. She had spent most of her budget with the furnishings, so HomeGoods was the perfect place to find affordable pieces to finish off the room.

We didn't know if we could find everything in this one stop, but we did! 

If you are in the Seattle area and are interested in hiring me to do the same thing, or something similar, please feel free to email me to discuss. This is what I love to do!
{[email protected]}

Let's start by looking at her room before:

Here are the after photos, which I apologize, I forgot my camera so they are grainy from my phone and the cloudy day. 

I love the shelves {big pieces linked above in bold type} The finish is amazing, I need to find a spot for them in my house.

In the before pictures you can see she had collages of photos above her sofa. I had her pick out her favorites and we re framed them and placed them on the shelves and desk top. 

The art ties the colors all together nicely. There is a lot of silver, whites, and greys in this room with pops of blue.

The faux fur blanket and pillow add that extra depth and coziness. 
Where I don't think she spent time in this room before, I am sure she will be now!

I actually have this same desk, and love it, which is why I recommended it. 
The lamp light is perfect in here.

 This fun new floor lamp is a bit more hip that her other one, so much more her.

The candle holders are marble and silver and were a clearance score at $7.00 a piece!
If you know me at all, you know I like to group things in trays.

The pouf adds some texture and color and is great for extra seating as she will host book club in here.

Working with pieces my clients already have is my specialty! I love "shopping" from peoples homes, as well as incorporating beloved pieces of furniture.

This chair is not only stylish but it's very comfortable. It would work in a masculine or feminine space.

 I also had her order a large taller leaning mirror in a silver finish for the wall the current mirror is on. 

And this clock for a bare entry wall.

That's it! super easy, super fun!

Let's make over a room in your home. I work with any budget and any style, what are you waiting for? :)


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