Monday, January 7, 2019

ideas for displaying quotes

With the new year, sometimes you need a gentle little reminder of your goals, your resolution, or just a little pick me up.

Here are some fun and pretty ways you can display your favorites quotes or sayings. 

I love this grey letter board. Change out the sayings weekly or monthly depending on the season or events.

I also like the idea of a really large one hanging on a wall like this one here.

I've always had a soft spot for neon signs. This LED one is a fun reminder on life.

Type up your favorite quote and frame it in a simple frame.

Have your favorite saying made onto a sign.

You can always buy a book of quotes, rip our your favorites and frame them.

Our daughter has quotes she has ripped out of magazines and books and she tacks them up on the wall of her closet. I think it's nice getting a friendly little reminder, a little inspiration, or a funny saying where you'd least expect it.


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