Monday, January 21, 2019

inspiring blogs and instagram feeds

I will admit, I am one of those to spend probably too much time on my computer or phone looking at pretty pictures, diy tutorials, or new products, etc. 

But today I thought I would share a few blogs and instagram feeds that are super inspiring to me. They never disappoint and I gather a ton of inspiration from them daily. 

Some are oldies but goodies, and some are newer to me. Some I am sure you have heard of, and some maybe not. The point is, I love to share the love, and hope to inspire people, not only with my designs, but sharing other peoples as well. We all work so hard for what we love and do, so why not!

The first blog I want to share with you is called The House Of Silver Lining. O M G. 
Click on the link for her home, the forest modern, and prepare to be blown away.

This room in particular is just so good.

I like her shop-able posts because we all want that ease right?

I mean, look at this kitchen girls!
That's what dreams are made of right there. Would you believe those lights are from World Market? I love how she mixes high and low pieces.

You can also follow The House of Silver Lining on Instagram right here. 

Another blog I want to share with you is Remington Avenue. Mysha posts a lot of diy and renovations, as well as gorgeous inspiring photos. 

This diy hanging bed is genius and it's now on my bucket list to build it.

Look at all the detail in their living room.
You can follow Remington Avenue on Instagram here.

Next up is Jillian Harris. I have loved her since her Bachelorette days, and I love her home. 

Believe it or not, one of my favorite posts she did was on her garage! It's full of storage and organization and it makes me so happy.

I also love the homes exterior.

You can tour her home here, and be sure to follow her on Instagram as well.

Living With Landyn is another fun one. If you like bright white clean spaces, as well as beauty tips and fashion, this is your girl. She has a very popular Instagram account as well. 

I love her pool house and her living room, two of my favorite spaces.

And the final one I would like to share with you today is Blackband Design. They create the warmest clean spaces and I think you'll really like them. Here is the link to their Instagram.

I hope you can find some new inspiration in these inspiring blogs and Instagram feeds!


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