Tuesday, January 8, 2019

organizing your linen closet

We don't have a typical linen closet in our home, so I made my own by adding 2 cabinets in the master bath. 

They have glass doors on them so it helps me to keep everything inside neat and organized. 

I wanted to show you one of them today and show you how I keep it organized in hopes that it will help you if you are planning on organizing your linen closet.

If you are new to my blog you probably don't know that I keep my keurig coffee maker in the bathroom. I know it's not typical, but it works for me, as it is behind doors and it's very convenient in the mornings.

I like to keep mugs in there as well so I don't need to run out to the kitchen to get them in the morning. Can you tell I am a "coffee first" person? Keeping them in a pretty tray makes them look like they have more of a purpose, and keeps it from looking messy.

I also keep extra water in there to refill the keurig. I just recycle the bottles from beverages.

I like to stick with one color towel, and white always, as they bleach nicely. 

The baskets on the top shelf hold misc. items that aren't in pretty packaging and don't need to stand out.

I do have a lot of pillow shams, and I like to keep them in a tray as well and stacked nicely by color groupings. It makes it easier when I am switching out pillows for the seasons. 

The twin for this cabinet sits on the other side of the vanity and holds extra sheets, jewelry, makeup, lotions, etc. 

If you are interested in any of the items I used, you can click the links below!

Cabinets {similar}


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