Monday, January 14, 2019

Savannahs room over the years

Our daughter Savannah's room has undergone many different looks over the years. 

When she was little it had a "sweets" theme.
As she grew older she went from 2 twin beds to 1 king size bed.

The walls have been pink, then chocolate brown, now light grey.

You get the picture. It's evolved over the years as she has grown. 

Now that she is in her second year of college, I thought I would change it once again, just subtly, to make it more of a guest room, while still keeping it her room for when she visits. 

My goal is to give it  face lift over the next couple of months, so it will be ready for her when she comes home for break at the end of March.

I will be updating it right here on my blog, and on Instagram as I go, so be sure to check back often.

But for now, here's just a few pictures I compiled of her room over the years, and decorated for Christmas too.

I hope you will follow along to see this room with a whole new look! 


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