Friday, February 8, 2019

Friday favorites

I am so excited for this weeks Friday favorites!

We have been snowed in this week and while I have been having fun playing in the snow, and cleaning and organizing my house, I spent a lot of time on the internet.

I've been browsing different blogs, looking at fun products, designing new spaces for clients, and I have some really fun things to share with you on this weeks edition of Friday favorites!

First off, I have been really surprised at the amount of high end really cool looking products from Target! 

I mean, we all love Target right? Here are some things I found that are really neat and inexpensive:

First up, this gorgeous chair with leather accents for around $160.00!

Ok, so these aren't real leather, but who cares for under $70.00 a piece!

This bar cart is stunning with its metal, wood, and leather!

These chairs might make an appearance in Savannah's room makeover:

This lamp is a beauty and has a great price tag, also at Target.

Love neutrals like me? This cozy blanket has a ton of texture and is super chic.

This coffee table has the same feel as the one I love in the Forest Modern.

Speaking of the Forest Modern, she just bought a piece of artwork that I am planning on creating in a fun hack! Stay tuned for that!

Super fun pieces, GO TARGET!

Ok, moving along. I have had so much fun perusing this portfolio.

Elle Decor just posted about what is in and out in design trends for 2019. You can read about that here.

If you are local to the Seattle area, don't forget to mark your calendar and come visit me for the Great Junk Hunt, as I will be a vendor!

Even though there is snow on the ground, I am still dreaming of spring which has me thinking about container gardening.

I love the modern shape of these planters. 

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Friday Favorites! 

Have a great weekend friends, and as always, thanks for following along and supporting my blog, it means the world to me.


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